Tree Pruning

Tree Work tree pruning company in portlandAs self-professed tree nerds, we put in the time and effort it takes to prune your tree without ever using spurs or gaffs, which can cause damage. As a premiere tree pruning company in Portland, Our Certified Arborists will prune to ISA Standards for the best practices, ensuring the health and vitality of your tree for years to come. Read on for more information on the different types of pruning services we offer.

Building Clearance and Canopy Raise up

This kind of pruning involves removing limbs that have grown on or near a building or structure. With safety as our top priority, our Certified Arborists can assess exactly how many and which limbs to remove to ensure the health of your tree, as well as keep it growing and thriving in a direction away from your house or building.

Hazard Pruning

Hazard pruning involves removing all large dead limbs in the tree, as well as any limbs that have a potential for failure, such as those that are cracked, broken, or diseased. This pruning also includes a full canopy inspection to check for any structural defects or vulnerabilities that could become issues due to wind or weather conditions.

Thinning or Weight Stress Reduction

Removing branches to thin a tree, or reduce the weight stress placed on its branches promotes airflow and reduces potential disease vectors in the canopy. This is a tricky and skilled type of pruning, and can often be done incorrectly by an inexperienced or untrustworthy worker, resulting in the failed health or structure of your tree. Our team at Foster Trees has the eye for detail and sincere care required to make sure that your tree is thinned to the proper level to thrive and grow for years to come.

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