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Fruit Tree Care


Eating fresh fruit from the tree is one of my favorite things. We are blessed in the Northwest with ample rain and favorable conditions for growing all kinds of tree fruits.

I pride myself in my knowledge of fruit tree care. From making the right choice on varieties to planning a backyard orchard Foster Trees can help. If you have an old fruit tree in your yard that is out of control, I can do a restoration prune and get the tree back to healthy and happy.

If you have some trees that are a couple of years old and need some structural pruning to get it growing right that is no problem.

I can even help you learn how to manage your trees yourself, by showing you proper yearly pruning and fruit thinning as needed.

I also offer soil amendment and fertilization as needed. I am also able to help with any pest problems. I do not spray harmful chemicals of any kind but prefer what is called an Integrated Pest Management system to solve your pest problems.

If you have any questions on Integrated Pest Management please give me a call. Too many companies are happy to charge you to spray trees, and not just fruit trees when it is not needed or helpful.

I feel an obligation to protect our increasingly rare pollinators, such as bees. Improper spraying including the wrong stuff at the wrong time is no doubt increasing the disappearance of bees.