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Other Services

Tree ViewFoster Trees is able to take care of all your arboreal needs. If you don’t see a service listed that does not mean that I don’t offer it.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling is not a substitute for proper Tree Risk Assessment, it is a supplemental support system and goes hand in hand with proper pruning and care.

Foster Trees uses only the highest quality hardware for cabling of trees.

If you think you need cabling in your tree call now. It is important that cables be installed correctly or they can do more harm than good. Cables also need an inspection to ensure they are not adding to the stress of a tree. If you see a cable in your tree it is best to have it inspected and replaced if needed.

Tree Risk Assessment

This is something that occurs to all trees that I look at and more in-depth on all trees that I work on. Some larger and more complex trees require a climbing inspection to assess the entire tree in depth. This inspection takes in all aspects of the tree from the roots all the way to the very tops of the tree.

Many things can be seen from the ground but on larger trees, there is no substitute for getting your face in that old wound that is 50 ft off the ground. I also offer a full detailed report in writing when that is needed.

Mulching and Yard Cleanup

I often come into overgrown yards and do a general cleanup. I am able to tell you what kind of trees you have as well as which ones may be worth saving.

Having the right equipment is important to quickly chip up any debris and haul it away. I can do as much or as little as you like in the way of cleanup.

I also recommend mulch rings on trees and in garden beds. Mulch helps keep down weeds to eliminate competition and control soil temperature. It is great for all your trees and is easy to maintain.

Many other services are offered as well.  Just give us a call.