Other Services

Tree View - Emergency Tree CareEach tree is unique, and so is each job. There’s an array of additional options we can offer, such as bracing or cabling your tree, stump grinding, or turning a declining tree into wildlife habitat. If you are curious about a service you don’t see listed, chances are good that we can help you out, or point you in the right direction.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling is a supplemental support system that goes hand in hand with proper pruning and care. It is important that cables be installed correctly or they can do more harm than good. At Foster Trees, we use only the highest quality hardware for cabling of trees, as well as offer inspection services for existing cabling.

Tree Risk Assessment/Arborist Reports

We are always happy to get up close and personal with your trees (literally!) and can offer a detailed arborist report on ways to improve their health, from the roots all the way to the canopy.

In addition, we have ISA certified Tree Risk Assessors on staff and can provide formal documentation of TRAQ reports for your project if that’s needed for the jurisdiction you’re in. We’re knowledgeable about requirements in the municipalities surrounding Portland and can walk you through what will be needed for the success of your project.

Emergency Tree Care

Foster Trees is available for any manner of emergency tree support. When inclement weather is in the forecast, our crews are on call so that we can help take care of the most urgent needs. We’re capable of helping clear roads and driveways, and have experience removing fallen trees from structures and vehicles. We can help provide proper documentation for insurance billing and are happy to work with our clients to ensure that they get the Emergency Tree Care to feel safe and taken care of.

We’re also experienced in solutions to prevent emergencies, including cabling and bracing of trees and tree fertilization and care. We’re as invested in the health of your tree as you are, and will do all we can to help meet your tree care needs.

Wildlife Habitat and Preservation

In many cases, declining trees serve as a habitat for many different species, including cavity-dwelling birds and insect species. Where safe and possible, Foster Trees is happy to help homeowners create habitat space in their yards instead of removing trees completely. We’ll work with homeowners to assess any risks to creating habitat trees and look for evidence of local creatures in your yard space. We are experienced in facilitating cavity development for additional nesting capacity and habitat.