Foster Trees and COVID-19

The last year and a half has been a whirlwind for everyone- Foster Trees included. As the pandemic continues, and likely will for some time into the future, we wanted to take this moment to talk about some of the ways we have adapted in order to continue providing service to our patrons in the safest and most responsible ways possible.


All staff are required to wear masks while riding in vehicles, communicating with clients, or within 6 feet of another person.

Social Distancing and Sanitation

Social distancing is strongly encouraged, both between staff as well as our patrons. Staff have also been advised to wash and sanitize their hands and tools as frequently as they are able.


When possible, we communicate with our clients and one another through email, phone calls, and text messaging to minimize in-person interaction.

A Whole Lotta Love

We have all had some tough times lately, and we are all doing our best to support one another, offer some patience and understanding, and be a bright spot in one another’s day. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue servicing the Portland area, and appreciate your help in keeping us all as safe as possible.